Do you ever feel like your mind is going into overdrive and you can’t seem to handle or control it?

We live in an era where everyone is competing in a blood sport to get our attention.

And let’s be honest, it’s crazy hard to escape the hustle and bustle.

Escaping our phones, emails, social media notifications, the kids, the phone calls, advertisements and messages is HARD STUFF.

It’s overwhelming and not to mention, it is mentally exhausting.

And unfortunately this takes a massive impact on our ability to focus and… in turn our productivity.

A friend of mine recommended Head Space; a guided meditation app that was meant to help calm the mind.

I was never really into the whole meditation thing. Sitting in silence with no movement seemed like a torturous thought.

But my friend ASSURED me I would see a huge difference in my mental capacity and I could control the constant turnings of my mind.

So I gave it a shot.

Every 10 seconds I’d lose focus of my breath and would find myself thinking of that email I needed to write to Joe, when Expedia’s going to have the best deals or where’s the closest convenient store to pick up a Kit Kat bar.

We all have weird thoughts okay…

I just couldn’t stop it.

But after taking a meditation workshop in October 2018 I learned something extremely valuable.

The goal of meditation is not to never let your mind wander. A successful meditation session is when you notice your mind wanders and learn to control bringing it back to the breath.

By practicing this technique often, meditation helps you cease your thoughts and focus on the present moment in everyday life.

By focusing on moment-by-moment experiences, I learned to train my mind to remain calm, even in stressful situations. Consequently, distractions are less and less likely to sweep me away.

Even a few minutes spent meditating regularly can make a big difference.

Recently one of our members offered to lead 30 minute free guided meditation classes on Fridays. The first week we started with 3 people words getting out pretty quick because every class is full now.

If you’re not yet a member at Coworkly, I highly recommend giving HeadSpace a try. It’s free, guided and you can try it anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. Heck, you can even try it for 1 minutes.

You and your mind won’t regret it.