It’s a beautiful day, you go to the gym, shower, eat a nice breakfast, you’re ready to start your day. You grab your laptop, a notebook, a couple pens and you head over to the nearest coffee shop.

Life is grand.

You park and make your way into the shop.

And just like everyday, it’s morning time so that means it’s busy.

The dreaded long line at Starbucks

After a slightly annoying 10 minute wait, you hear your venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip get called out.


And just as you’re sprinkling on some cocoa the table next to you opens up so you quickly snatch the seat. Ninja style.

After all, the shop is full and every other table is taken.

But soon enough you realize there’s no plug nearby. Since every other table is taken you pop out your laptop and get started while you stay alert for the next available spot with a plug.

You open your computer, connect to the internet and off you go to work.

Everything seems great.

Sipping your coffee away

You’re semi focused on the emails you’re tackling, but you can’t help but overhear the conversation going on next to you.

And then the guy in the suit across from you picks up a phone call. It looks like he’s dealing with an upset customer. The guy speaks louder trying to calm down his client.

You’re trying not to listen but you can’t help to take in the drama.

You sip your coffee, and toss in your ear phones. Time to regain focus.

The caffeine kicks in and you get this jolt of focus for the next 30 minutes.

Remote Laptop Workers

Then your phone rings.

It’s the doctor’s office confirming the appointment you wanted to set up.

You take the call.

You struggle between speaking loud enough for them to hear you over the sounds of the people talking and the music playing in the background but also quietly enough so the whole coffee shop doesn’t know about that nasty ingrown toenail you have going on.

Spontaneous bathroom visit?

I think so.

You grab your laptop, head to the bathroom all while still trying to explain your situation to the receptionist.

It’s not the most pleasant place for a private call but it’s better than letting everyone know about your toe situation.

Bathroom door

You get off the call, leave the bathroom and head back to your spot.

In that moment you notice a table next to a plug opens up so in the heat of the moment, you grab the rest of your things and move places.

Ah. Perfect.

But just as you login, you notice the internet got disconnected.


You reconnect and get back at it.

You manage to get in another 30 minutes of work when someone approaches your table and asks if they can use the 2nd chair at your table.

You nod trying not to let it interrupt your thoughts.

Turns out they’re taking chairs from all ends of the store.

Your curiosity peaks. 

“What’s going on here? Is it a group meeting, or a meet-up event?”

Nope it’s just a bunch of old folks catching up over coffee while discussing politics.

And does anyone else notice how loud that coffee grinder is?

Once again your focus is gone.


Does this sound all too familiar?

Working at a coffee shop is something almost all of us have done.

But are we really being all that productive?

Probably not at full capacity.

But, we’ve all done it time in and time again.

And we’ll continue to do it.


But Why???

Because as a remote worker, you want a place to work other than your home.

You work better around people.

You feel inspired around other people.

You want to meet customers or colleagues somewhere other than your house.

You like coffee, they have coffee.

You need wifi, they have wifi.

And because it’s close to home and convenient.

Traditionally, when you think of getting work done outside the house, the cafe always seems to be that place our mind automatically goes to.

But it’s not exactly the best place to get work done.

And that’s the big problem.

Getting a desk is uncertain; nonetheless one near a plug and not next to noisy neighbors.

Wifi can be wonky, slow or kick you off from time to time.

Distractions are everywhere.

Purchases can get pricey every few hours.

Not to mention, you’re far more tempted to eat pastries, other high fat and sugar induced treats.

People serve as distractions instead of motivation or intended interaction.

Having a professional conversation on the phone is nearly impossible.

Meeting with a client isn’t creating the most professional atmosphere.  

Remote Workers.

So why are so many people still using coffee shops?

Largely, it’s thought that most people don’t really know what else to use.

Fortunately with the uprise of coworking spaces – there is a suitable alternative.

They provide a consistent, quiet and distraction free space for you to get work done.

You’re surrounded by like-minded, hard working individuals who want to do the exact same.

There’s plugs at every desk, free lunches to meet others, private meeting rooms for calls and meetings, and you can even leave your things here overnight.

Plus the coffee, the Nespresso and tea is included!

Welcome to 261 Montreal Road.

So if you’re a guilty laptop loiterer and a Wifi hog, we welcome you to visit Coworkly.

Somewhere that invites loitering, encourages Wifi hogging and most importantly, minimizes distractions.

Book a tour with us today!